Additional features


Since all contracts are written per Standard. You can extend the funcitonality.

One great thing about this project is its composibility. For instance, a liquidity provider at DeFi4NFT can extend the utility of their USDC by placing it in a liquidity pool and attaching a contract that will withdraw the asset from third party liquidity pool and lend it to a borrower at DeFi4NFT. In other words, they can get the best of both worlds.

  • They have made a promise on DeFi4NFT, that means they will at somepoint get 3%

  • They have kept the promise in a third party liquidity pool. That means they get some APY until it is actually lent out at DeFi4NFT. It is a profit made in two dapps with the same amount. We think this is gonna be a big incentive for liquidity providers.